The Happiest of All Happy Hours!

I heard a magnificent rumor that Cafe Lucia in Healdsburg had a Happy Hour, which pleased me in and of itself because Happy Hour. What really got me excited about this one in particular, though, was all in the details: One Dollar Oysters…Five Dollar Bubbles…Every. Single. Day.

*Swoon!* Needless to say I had to investigate, and let me tell you friends, this thing is for real.

photo 1As Cafe Lucia’s Happy Hour is literally one hour only – from 5 until 6 – I was glad that I already knew where this tucked-away ultra gem was located: down a little alley between the La Crema and Kendall Jackson tasting rooms — it’s a Healdsburg alley, people, so don’t worry about your purses. Actually there’s probably some fancier name for it because it’s in Healdsburg, like ‘corridor’ or ‘breezeway’ or something. Anyway. Upon arrival, Paulie and I were greeted warmly and seated promptly, and much to our delight were shortly ta-daaaa’d with the yummy things you see to your left, which I can’t remember the name of, or the details about, but rest-assured they were delicious and involved both sausage and melted cheese, so, you know. Win!

Our lovely server laid out the situation for us: raw oysters with a fennel-Meyer lemon mignonette or baked oysters with a chorizo-garlic butter were a dollar each. The Rockefellers with spinach, Sao Jorge cheese and cornbread crumbs were two bucks. A glass of Gloria Ferrer (or a glass of something white which I paid no attention to because we all know I had my eye on the bubbles) were $5 for a glass. Soooooo…yeah, we feasted like royalty.





And then, well, we did what any self-respecting oyster lovers would do.

We ordered more.

We ordered more.

The oysters and bubbles on their own would be enough to bring me back to Cafe Lucia as often as they’d let me through the door without it getting ‘awkward’. Add to that the friendly and perfect service from the entire staff, the comfortable atmosphere and the little touches like the tiny dessert we were presented with along with our bill…it was adorable, tasted like a peanut butter macaroon, and it made me super happy.

The only thing wrong with Cafe Lucia was that it was, well, almost completely empty. What the what, you guys?! How this place was not completely packed is beyond my wildest imagination and, trust me, my imagination is all kinds of wild. Sure, I considered keeping this secret to myself because I’m greedy with my delicacies, but the last thing I want is for the Powers that Be to decide that the Happy Hour is a bust and to therefore decide to cancel it.


Do you love oysters? Yes? Go to Cafe Lucia. Do you love sparkling wine? Yes! Go to Cafe Lucia. There, that’s settled. And tell them I sent you! Not that they know who I am, at all. But maybe if you show them the above picture, next time I go in they’ll recognize me? And I’ll be super-famous at Cafe Lucia?

*A girl can dream*

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