My Favorite Cheese Monger

If you’ve ever been to Healdsburg, chances are you know it’s a very wine-friendly town. And with wine, one must enjoy cheese – yes I said must.

Luckily, there’s The Cheese Shop.

cheese shopRather than gush for the next hour about how much I love this place, I’ll give you a few key reasons and then fully expect you to go see it in all of it’s glorious glory for yourself because really, there’s too much to describe!

First of all, the rad owner, Doralice, is super local-focused and seriously knows her stuff. I happen to be one of those irritating customers who walks in, meanders around for a while, then says something like “so I have this, um, pack of crackers? And they have, like, cranberries in them or something? What kind of cheese should I get to go with those? Oh and I don’t want to spend a bajillion dollars, but I want it to seem like I did.”

Doralice is always kind enough to suppress whatever eye-rolling she needs to do after such requests and without fail, sends me on my way with something equally delicious and successfully impressive for whoever it is I’m trying to impress with my high-classiness and cheese-picking skills.

In addition, Doralice is a master at bringing in new products on a regular basis, so while we all have our favorite stand-by yummies, there’s always something new to discover. She has gracefully found a way to keep the hordes of tourists that glom onto Healdsburg just as happy as the locals, who she knows by name and calls a great many her friends.

So, the shop. Let me just show you some pictures, mmkay?

So. Much. Beautiful. Cheese!!

I basically wanted everything on this table

I’m a sucker for jars filled with treats…and pretty glassware!

French Marshmallows?! COME ON!! Best ever.

Cheeses. Meats. Cheeses! Meats!!

photo 2

Olive oils, jams, pastas, crackers, wines, ohmygod so much!

Things covered in chocolate, for the win!


doraliceFinally, and this is my favorite part: Doralice is a great person. She is the first to step up and offer her help; she sells non-food items on consignment for her friends (like the great turquoise table shown above); she regularly offers deals, discounts, and fundraisers and then donates the profits from these to incredibly worthy charities such as The Living Room, a day shelter in Santa Rosa for homeless women and children.

Just as with describing her shop, I could go on and on about Doralice and all of the good that she does for the community and for any number of individuals in her life, from sound advice to restaurant suggestions to where to find the best cocktail.

But really, just visit The Cheese Shop already!

Happy snacking, friends!


Cheese Shop on Facebook AND info about an upcoming cash mob HERE!

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