Squeaky Clean

This Stuff!

This Stuff!

I’m not the cleanliest person I know, but when I do clean, I look for two qualities in my cleaning products:

1) natural ingredients, and

2) a short cut.

I have kids and so of course I don’t want to keep a bunch of toxic chemicals just hanging around the house. Unfortunately, those are the ones that seem to do the job the fastest, because, you know…toxic chemicals are tough!

When my son was a baby I was a stay-at-home parent with plenty of time to mix up batches of cleansing liquids made out of vinegar, lemon, lavender and whatever else I could find to kill germs naturally. I would flit around the house, spritzing mold and futzing over dust, all the while feeling smug and empowered by the fact that I was doing my part to not slowly kill my child’s precious and fragile respiratory system.

Since that isn’t the case anymore (I mean, I’m still concerned about the health of my children, I just no longer have the time to play herbal goddess all damn day), I have to search around for products to get the spiffing up done. When I can’t find something I like, well…don’t be a germaphobe and then step into my kitchen, that’s all I’ll say.

So you can imagine my joy when I moved recently, and was presented with a complimentary bottle of Natura Clean by a friend. It came packaged simply (shown above), and following the pitch about what ingredients were in it (vinegar, baking soda, water and castile soap) and what I could clean with it (everything but wood and glass), I set to work!

The home we’d just moved into needed some serious help in the grub removal department, and I soon found myself scrubbing the bathroom walls with my new Natura Clean. I was bewitched with the strange sensation of things becoming clean under my fingertips without the usual coinciding headache and odd urge to go take a nap in a dark place. In short: it smelled good and it worked fast – I was sold.

I went through a whole bottle in one afternoon, and called to reorder later that day. My original bottle was refilled (yay planet!) and off I went, to clean more with a clear conscience and only a buck-fifty lighter at the refill price, woo hoo!

Plus, you can’t beat this service:

Natura Clean Inventor and Proprietor, Zeke

Natura Clean Inventor and Proprietor, Zeke

To order your own Natura Clean, contact Zeke at zekekgraham@gmail.com

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