Putting the Grande in my…Enchilada

I really can’t give you much of a thorough customer service review when it comes to Taco Grande.

I say this because I’ve been a loyal customer of theirs since the day I moved to Healdsburg in 2001. Roberto, the owner, always comes to sit down and chat with me for a few minutes whenever I come in. The waitresses know that I probably don’t need a menu, so they just bring me chips and salsa and ask if I need one to be polite. Iris and I talk about kids, when Nancy is helping out she exclaims about how big my son is getting. From the time he was a newborn, and until she went off to college, she would come greet us with menus, then pick up my son and carry him around the restaurant, showing him off to the guys in the kitchen and to other customers. As he got older, Roberto would always ‘sneak’ him a dollar for his little pockets.

So it’s fair to say that I really love this place.

Another reason I can’t give an unbiased review is because I pretty much only order one thing: the cheese enchiladas.

Must. Have. Enchilada!

Must. Have. Enchilada!

I am a bit of a cheese enchilada lover and so I’ve tried them at every Mexican restaurant I’ve ever been to (if they are on the menu). I’ve never found a cheesier, saucier, better-adorned cheese enchilada than the one at Taco Grande. The photo you see above was ordered a la carte. Most restaurants would take this literally and simply deliver a sad little enchilada all on it’s own. As you can see, this one and it’s accompanying salad fill an entire dinner plate. Clearly Roberto and his staff take the ‘grande’ in Taco Grande seriously.

After leaving a more-than-fair tip, this dinner costs about 6 bucks and some change (it used to be $5 including tip, but a little price increase now and then is to be expected), and I leave feeling full in that way we’ve all felt – slightly painful until we can unbutton our pants in the privacy of our cars.

I don’t know what other people order when they visit Taco Grande, or what kind of service they receive, but I hope they leave feeling as happy as I do. For me, it’s been a billion thumbs up for the past 13 years.

What is your favorite, go-to Mexican dish, and who makes it the best? (Please tell me – I need a distraction from my sudden craving for Taco Grande’s cheese enchiladas….)


3 thoughts on “Putting the Grande in my…Enchilada

  1. I started going to Jalisco’s across from the SRJC when I was a sad, anemic, 13 year old. Since then I’ve grown 8″, “become a woman” and for several years, lived almost entirely on one bean/rice/cheese burrito every day. I used to go in there and say, “I’m here to pay your PGE bill!” I’m not going to say it is “good” or anything, and I’m fairly sure that what happened is that I became a vegetarian and then totally craved a restaurant that was clearly putting lard in their beans. In addition to a really large burrito, and a little tiny plastic fork that in no way is capable of using on food without bending, you can also check out the calendar behind the counter, cause it will almost always tell you if Slayer is playing soon.

    • Sara, your reply was SO great and distracting that now I want to hear more of it – there’s so much more there, I can tell! Also, I really like the taquitos at Jaliscos – they cover them with enough fresh lettuce that I can pretend they’re somewhat healthy…I try anyway

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