Failure to Deliver

Since my last post about how I’d managed to (almost) acquire the very last pair of Luxury Plush Duvet Slippers from Restoration Hardware, I have been informed that there was a mix up with my order. A MIX UP!!


I guess they have some sort of 24 Hour Hold Policy. Now, I didn’t ask exactly what this means, but I’m assuming it has something to do with not removing an item from the system that has already been sold which, in my opinion, is just asking for trouble. Also, it is totally bananas.


photo credit: Restoration Hardware

I mean, think about it – all I wanted was a little pair of slippers. Imagine if I’d just remodeled my dining room and the 1920’s Odeon Glass Fringe 7-Ring Chandelier was the exactly perfect piece to pull the whole thing together, so I toodled over to Restoration Hardware to buy one. Even though they can’t find one in that store, they track one down elsewhere, and imagine my joy when I discover that it’s marked down from $5195 to $4125 – Best Day Ever! Of course I buy it – but it turns out someone else also bought it, 18 hours earlier than me, and so now my almost-perfect dining room is, in short, screwed.

Sure, I can find the same thing on eBay, but the seller is asking twice the price and do I really want to spend ten grand on something I thought was mine for half the price just a few hours ago? No. No I don’t.

After receiving the bad news about my slippers, I responded with my version of grumpy acceptance, and a suggestion that they bring the slippers back. I also mentioned that I wasn’t the only person out there who loved the slippers, just so they knew I wasn’t some hyper-obsessed koo-koo, and maybe they’d take my request seriously. Ali over at Gimme Some Style claims they will change your LIFE – needless to say, I agree. You’ve Been Served Facebook fan Katie also attested to their better-than-all-other-slipperness.


Treat them well, Katie. Treat them well. For you may never…get…another…pair. Ever.


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