Extra Credit!

My Social Media instructor seems to have forgotten that he promised me a half point of extra credit…for some reason, which I can’t remember right now.

To remind him, I’ll just pose with his car from time to time when I see it parked around town!

cow car

I Want My Half Point!

Happy Holidays!


6 thoughts on “Extra Credit!

  1. Well goodness! I wish I would have been in on this cause I have seen “The Cow” everywhere! Hahaha! Oh well. Maybe next class I take with him I can try this out!


  2. Clever and funny. I find it ironic that your blog is focused on customer service and then you take a customer (who happens to be your instructor) to task for not meeting your expectations. Of course, the photo reveals what possibly is “adult juice” in the cup you are holding in your hand that may have “influenced and/or inspired” you. Wishing you the “spirit” of the holidays. Glad you are applying your education! Brian cs5711

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