Bravo, Bravas!

Big news everyone: Healdsburg finally has a Happy Hour.

F I N A L L Y ! ! ! !

Before I move on, I’d like to just say that I know I’m going to hear from some Healdsburgophiles who are going to put me in my place and remind me that there are some Happy Hours in Healdsburg. But I’m not talking half-off fried cheese at Adel’s, or chicken wings and steak at Frank & Ernie’s.  Nor am I talking about the other extreme, where “happy hour pricing” for drinks is practically the normal cocktail price at regular restaurants that don’t cater to bajillionaires. No offense to any of these – everything has it’s time and place and purpose. 

I’ve been looking for a decent Happy Hour in Healdsburg for quite a while. I now live in Santa Rosa, but I still work in Healdsburg, and so I almost always miss out on all of the Happy Hour hijinks! By the time I get back home, they’re all over – my friends have gone home to their families and the bartenders are sweeping up the peanuts. Or…oyster shells, if we’re keeping in line with my preferences.

And, well, as I said before, Healdsburg was disappointing on the Happy Hour scene. So, woe has been me, the woman who slinks home after work and just folds laundry while sipping a glass of mediocre sale wine.

But, Eureka! All of that has changed now!

Three HAPPY old friends

The other evening I met some friends at Bravas – the latest to join the Stark Reality Restaurant family. I’d been there on only one other occasion which was perfectly fine, but I haven’t been back since. Luckily someone in my group knew about the magical wonderment that is the Bravas Happy Hour. Yay!

My long-overdue ladies late-afternoon was a delight, and between all of us, the bill was $44 and some change. That’s right – $44.00 Let me break that down for you: that’s 5 appetizers, 6 cocktails and 2 glasses of wine. After a painful sticker shock experience I’d recently had at another establishment, this was almost enough to bring a joyful, Sancho G&T-infused tear to my eye.

So, a heartfelt, happy-walleted Thank You to Bravas – keep up the good work!

Oh, ha…um…I almost forgot: the service was great too! Our waiter checked on us at exactly all the right times for refills on snacks or drinks, our water was kept filled, and our food arrival was perfectly timed. So, good job on that, too.

I will absolutely be back.

bravas menu


2 thoughts on “Bravo, Bravas!

  1. HOORAY!!!!!!!!!! As you know, I love Stark’s happy hour, so what could be better than a happy hour at another Stark’s Family Restaurant? I fully expect the new happy hour to be as good as Stark’s Steakhouse. Which appetizers did you have? I will have to give it a try soon!


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